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                山东净化环保设备有限公司是专业从事环保设备研发、制造、安装、调试、环保工程施工、建设项目 环境监理工作的科技型高新技术企业。占地面积40000平方米,厂房建筑面积20000平方米,现有职工200余人,工程技术人员130余人,其中高级工程技术人员30余人,初中级技术人员100余人。        
             公司始终坚持以市场为导向,以科技求发展,以质量求生存的理念,先后与德国维康公司、山东大学、山东省环保科学研究院等多家科研单位建立了长期的技术合作关系。先后被授予“山东省高新技术企 业”“山东省机械工业十大自主创新品牌企业”“山东省科技示范企业”“重合同守信用单位”和“市级百强企业”等荣誉称号。并率先通过了 ISO9001-2008质量体系认证。高素质的专业团队,科研院校的联合优势,多年环保领域的实践。具体在焦化企业环保项目有移动式环保车、机侧焦侧除尘、二合一地面除尘站、无烟装煤煤气回收节能系统;焦化行业的脱硫、脱销;钢铁企业的除尘、脱硫、脱销;工业锅炉和热电的除尘、脱硫、脱销;工业、生活及医疗的废水治理、环境监理等项目都有多年积累的大量业绩案例。

             我公司在新的世纪里将自强不息,秉承“信誉第一,用户第一,质量第一,服务第一”的经营理念, 坚持“面向社会、求实务实、积极开拓、锐意进取”的企业精神,创造出具有先进水平的一流产品, 奉献于人类和社会,为祖国的环保事业贡献自己的力量!
            “海纳百川 有容乃大”,公司热诚邀请环保行业翘楚、业界精英、有志有识之士加盟,引领国内环保市场的发展,共同谱写环保净化发展的华丽乐章。     

        Shandong Purification Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacture, installation, commissioning, construction and environmental supervision of environmental protection equipment. It covers an area of 40,000 square meters, and the building area of the factory is 20,000 square meters. There are more than 200 employees and 130 engineers and technicians, including more than 30 senior engineers and technicians and more than 100 junior and intermediate technicians. The company has always adhered to the concept of market-oriented, science and technology for development, quality for survival, and has established long-term technical cooperation with VeCon 、 Shandong University, Shandong Institute of Environmental Protection Science and other research institutions. He has been awarded honorary titles such as "Shandong High-tech Enterprise", "Shandong Machinery Industry Top Ten Independent Innovation Brand Enterprises", "Shandong Science and
        Technology Demonstration Enterprise", "Contract-oriented and Credible-keeping Unit" and "Top 100 Enterprises at the Municipal Level". And took the lead in passing the ISO 9001-2008 quality system certification. Specifically, the environmental protection projects of coking enterprises include mobile environmental protection vehicle, side coke dust removal, two-in-one ground dust removal station, anthracite coal gas recovery and energy-saving system; Desulfurization and desalination in coking industry;dust removal, desulfurization and desalination of iron and steel enterprises; dust removal, desulfurization and desalination of industrial boilers
        and thermoelectric power; waste water treatment of industry, life and medical treatment, environmental supervision and other projects, which have accumulated a large number of performance cases for many years.
        In the new century, our company will constantly strive for self-improvement, adhering to the business philosophy of "credit first, user first, quality first, service first", adhering to the enterprise spirit of "facing the society, seeking truth from facts, actively pioneering and forging ahead", creating first-class products with advanced level, dedicating themselves to human and society, and contributing to the cause of environmental protection of our motherland!
        "Haina Baichuan has tolerance is great", the company cordially invites environmental protection industry leaders, industry elites, people with vision to join, leading the development of the domestic environmental protection market, and jointly compose a magnificent movement for the development of environmental purification.
        Company philosophy: customer-centered, wholeheartedly meet customer needs.

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